The Samsung Galaxy 7 Series Reviewed

If you were wondering about either the Samsung Galaxy 8 or the Samsung Galaxy 8+ then read on! We take a look at the major features of these sibling smartphones and put them to the test.

The Samsung Galaxy 8 is the smaller of the two phones, with a size of 5.8 inches, versus the 6.2 on the Galaxy 8+.

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Both of these are still substantial screen sizes and we don’t think that you will miss out by buying the smaller model.

The actual display screen of both these models is epic compared to other phones and occupies 83% of the whole space. This means, however, that the home button, present on other devices, has now vanished. But don’t worry, it has been incorporated into the display and will still work like a physical or manual button does.


The design of both of these models is a delight to own and the overall wow factor of the Galaxy 8 series phones, make them worth buying outright.

These smartphones are sleek and sophisticated to the touch and to operate.

Colors available in the US are currently limited to black, silver and gray, although other countries have other color options on sale.


The extended battery life of the Galaxy 8 series is one of the main reasons that we can think of to recommend these phones.

Both models can be wirelessly charged and also quickly charged in half an hour, to bring your phone back from the brink as fast as possible.

But, with some sensible forward planning, it shouldn’t even get to the point where it needs to be charged in an emergency, as we think the battery life on both models are second to none.


Following on from the Galaxy S7, both the series 8 have finger scan technology incorporated into it. There is also iris recognition technology on these phones. But in addition to both these security measures, there is also the new facial recognition technology.

It is debatable just how far this new technology will actually be useful, at this point in time, but it is surely set to become more acceptable in the future.


The new camera is something to get excited about, on both these models.

The front camera now comes with face recognition auto focus and an enhancement from 5MP to 8MP.

 Both of these phones are top picks for Christmas 2017 and into the New Year, we think!

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